The Final Word

img_0660-editedThere’s something about a mother. When she spoke, you listened. It may have appeared that you were ignoring her, but you knew better – and so did she. She fully expected to be ignored and then she’d inwardly smile when six months later her suggestion became your brilliant idea.

With a simple look, you knew where you stood with her. That look is infamous. Every mom has it. And every child fears it.

Her radar skills were more precise than any stealth procedures you tried to master. Eyes in the back of her head – that’s a real thing. Actually, eyes everywhere is more accurate.

She had your back even when she appeared not to. Those times she made you own up to your mistakes were the times she had your back the most.

When you cried and she told you to stop and act your age, she cried right along with you. You hurt, and she hurt more.

The secrets you kept from her because you knew how much it would hurt for her to know – she knew. She may not have known the details, but she knew how much it was hurting you not to be able to share.

At the age of 15, when you “hated” her the most, she loved you more. At the age of 25 when you realized she was right all along, she inwardly smiled at the brilliant child she raised.

And she always, always had the final word. Even now.

From this mom’s heart to yours, Happy Mother’s Day,   Diane

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