What the World Needs Now

Matthew 18-19

The other day as I briefly stepped into the front office at work to check my mailbox, two of my extraordinary coworkers were deep in conversation about current events. Typically not a conversation I like to be drawn into – I like my little peaceful world, thank you very much.  However…

One of them said to me, “Maybe you should blog about this”. I laughed. I said the only thing I know to do is pray. In my opinion, nothing else will work. This led to a lengthy discussion about the power of collective prayer (remember I work for a spiritual community…).

How would that work with what is happening in the world today? This time of unrest. People taking sides and standing firm in their “truth”. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such anger and blatant disregard for basic courtesy and respect. We all see it, we all have our passionate beliefs about what “should” happen, what the outcome “should” be.

One, big, collective ego. So, how’s that working out? Trying to navigate this maze is exhausting. At the core of our being we each know that, if left untended, planet Las Vegas will implode. At the same time, there is a field of energy beginning to permeate this same planet that feels…different….

We have all experienced it in one way or another. I’ve heard it called the awakening, a raising of consciousness. There is definitely something happening.

A light is being shown on all that is uncomfortable for the human ego in order to guide it to release.  Yikes, how does that feel?  Really, really unnerving.  And what if it’s true? What are we supposed to do?  Sit back and watch the implosion?

I have been witness – many times – to the power of collective prayer.  There have been numerous studies proving its effectiveness.  Its been looked at from many different spiritual perspectives (so the methods may vary) and one thing is consistent throughout. Collective prayer is effective when those that are participating agree to what they are praying for.  If one person steps out of alignment, all bets are off.

This is both the gift and the curse.  If you pull together 1000 people into prayer with the goal to blow up the world, it could happen.  My gut tells me that the reason that has not happened is that no one really wants that.  Then what do we want?

Peace?  I think we can all agree that we have prayed incessantly for peace. We all have different opinions about what that means so the collective prayer hasn’t really worked – at least not for very long. But what about simply praying for what God wants.  Not what I want or you want, but what God wants. “The” best, God’s best – whatever that is.  Ask God to do God’s work. Surely, we humans haven’t been able to figure it out and we have tried. Really, really, really tried.  Maybe it’s time to give it to the one Source that knows what to do.  The one Source that has been patiently waiting for us to ask.

Bring people together and ask them to leave everything outside the door but a prayer or meditation asking for the highest and best for this planet. Any size group will work (remember Matthew 18:19).  No description of what the “highest and best” means, only “the” highest and best.  If someone doesn’t honestly think they can truly do this without attachment to the outcome, they should not participate.  No judgment if they can’t do it. They will simply become the beneficiary of collective prayer. A win-win.

Once we get ourselves out of the way, miracles literally happen. The key, the absolute most important phrase is “get out of the way”. Do not – ever – ask for a particular result. Doing so nullifies the prayer. Leave your desired outcome outside the proverbial door. Let God do what God does. Nothing will change until we do that. I don’t care what name you give your higher power, but this miraculous energy Source is everywhere waiting for us to tap into it.

Collective prayer, collective meditation, collective being.  What’s wonderful about this is that, no matter where you are, no matter who you are with (even if you are alone) – you can tap into this at any moment and you are a living, breathing part of the solution.

Try it and let’s watch what happens.

From my heart to yours, Diane




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