Change the Pattern

bumble-beeWe talk about choices all the time. We choose the people in our lives, the words we say, what we listen to…how we react. Much of what we choose is because we have been conditioned to do so – whether it pleases us or not. Years of repeating the same pattern and yet we question why am I so hurt? Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Change the pattern. Everyone is on a journey, a path, a road to heaven or hell. We get to decide if we want to join them or not.

Change the pattern of your reaction. Don’t walk away thinking you must be doing something wrong.  Maybe there is an opportunity to simply say thank you, move on and leave a little prayer of love behind.

Every encounter enriches you, but not every encounter must change you. Every encounter will not bring you peace. Peace will come when you encounter your soul.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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