Depth of Emotion

labyrinth (2)

Photo: Unity North Atlanta Labyrinth

Is it the changing moon or a new phase of my spirituality that is causing this deep well of emotion in me? For days now I have been filled with tears.  They brim over for the silliest of reasons.  What are these changes that are occurring?  Do you feel it, too, or is it just me?

I am spending more time within lately.  I am content to be by myself or simply sharing time with my loving partner of many lifetimes, Dan.  Shutting out the world is a good thing for me during this time.  Spending time here, writing, is the only other place I prefer to be.

But I do have a day job to attend to.  It fills me with love, no doubt.  How could it not – it’s a busy spiritual community that lives and breathes the truths I have come to live and breathe as well.  Many people doing wonderful things. Many conversations about spirit and soul and love. It is nice to be working in such a place when I am in the midst of spiritual upheaval. It is a safe place to be. A place where brimming tears are okay.

My solace comes from understanding what it is I am going through. Not necessarily understanding where it is leading me, but comfort in knowing that I am, indeed, safe. My God (the same as yours) will carry me through this discomfort and place me safely down when it is time.

Knowing this, I can do anything.  Knowing this, I begin to anticipate the wonder of what these changes will mean for me.

What a gift to be living this life.  (and the tears begin again….)

From my heart to yours,  Diane



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