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Who is guiding you? Whose voice do you listen to? Is it a single individual who thinks you “don’t understand” so they need to educate you? Is it a mass of people that have developed an opinion based on shaky facts – or…rumor? Is it your memory of what once was that is now guiding you to decisions that will have life-long repercussions?

Who is guiding you? You know where this is going. You know that there is only One Guide. You know this. You know it and yet you put that One resource aside as if it knows nothing – when, in fact, it knows everything.


There are voices coming from everywhere outside of us. Information overload is an understatement. Every now and then, a few words slip through. A lyric, a conversation, an article, post, comment on social media. Something that will cause you to pause and remember. There is a voice within you trying to be heard above the din. Words seep through the madness to remind you to stop and listen.

Pay attention to these moments. Indeed, stop and breathe into them. No matter where you are. Stop. Breathe. There is a simpler way. The voices of the exterior are only there because you let them in. They are only temporary. There is a simpler way. A way to live that has always been there and always will be. Get quiet. Get very quiet.



Be quiet and just listen. Ask the voices of the material world to shush for a little while. Listen and allow the magic that resides in each cell of your being to guide you. Listen to the voice that created you. It knows you so well. Be quiet, and listen to the One Source that will never, ever mislead you.

There is so much good to hear.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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