Who Rescued Who

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Lucy and Turbo peacefully blessing my writing space. Lucy was a rescue – a very young feral cat roaming my son, Danny’s old neighborhood. He took her in and – surprise, surprise – she was pregnant. Turbo is her son. When Danny offered them to us (Turbo and his sibs were 3 days old) we hesitated (more like strongly protested) as we still had Casey, our lab mix (also a rescue) and Dan was not too fond of cats.

So who rescued who? Fast forward eight years…. They are funny, annoying, and loving (in their own weird ways). Dan will probably tell you he tolerates them, but I know differently. These two are part of our family. Period.

And having them share this space with me – is pure and simple and, yes, peaceful.

Join me tomorrow at Unity North Atlanta at 4pm for Praying Paws, a Sunday service just for animals. I will be doing the meditation and Gigi Graves, founder and director of Our Pal’s Place (http://ourpalsplace.net/) will be speaking about “Who Rescues Who”.  Our animals, our family.  Life is better with pets. There is no doubt.


From my heart to yours,  Diane

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