What are you doing….?


I think we can all agree (in a time where disagreement seems to be the norm) that the planet is shifting in more ways than one. The question, however, is why.  Is this the result of millions of years of human foibles or is this part of a greater, more mystical, plan? Have we created this or has the Almighty?  Are we screwing ourselves over or is God?

I don’t mean to sound snarky but this is what many people are feeling these days.  It’s almost like we are collectively saying, “Ah, come on, are You kidding?  Is this some kind of sick joke?”  My typical response would be quite spiritual-like and wisdom-filled and you might walk away saying “That girl writes nice stuff, but she sure does have her head in the sand”.

Not today.  Today as I scroll through social media and, once again, see so much anger and pain and, yes, fear, I am concerned.  From a purely human perspective, I understand what folks are going through – the changes are occurring so rapidly it’s extremely challenging to know if there is any truth anywhere out there.  So much darkness, so much hate-talk.  It’s too much.  

Our words have power. Every time you post a negative reaction to what is occurring in the world, someone is reading it.  Why else would you post it? You want everyone to react like you! Every time you express your opinion, every time you pick up a thread and add your argument to it, you add to the negative energy permeating the planet.  And someone loses hope. Someone’s life loses meaning.

There is someone who is scrolling, trying to grasp what is happening. Someone who is on the edge of a precipice of right/wrong choice and is being influenced by what you are saying.

Yes, you.

Feels like I’m trying to lay guilt. Maybe I am.  My frustration level is a bit high and I know a few people who are in that gray place of fear.  Folks that are believing what they read. People that I have recently had to say – over and over and over again – it’s going to be okay.  We will get through this together.

And some of you?  Well, you’re just not helping.

I have said this before, but I will keep saying it until my last breath:  In the aftermath of tragedy, people come together in peace, as one, to serve and support each other.  To work shoulder to shoulder – regardless of color, creed or ethnicity. It has always been this way because we have yet to learn that the coming together in the aftermath of tragedy is how we are supposed to live. We will continue to have to endure the shock and darkness of horror until we learn to live as one – in the light.

There is light. As we begin to step forward out of the darkness and into the gray of dawn, there is hope.  For those of you who continue to spew hatred, it’s time to put it aside and turn your focus to those that need your hand.  It’s time to put the hatred aside and work shoulder to shoulder with those you don’t understand.  It is time to stop shouting from the rooftop and begin to clean out the basement.  It is time to work together for positive change.

There is someone that needs you to share your hope for humanity.  Kind of like my friend, Sonia Osio, is doing with her Global Mandala.  Read more about her work here. Find a project, find a cause, find a way to bring peace to the world.  Share that. Here’s a novel idea: Instead of sharing how angry you are, share the steps you are taking to make a positive change in the world.  Kinda reminds you of a famous quote, doesn’t it?

It is your responsibility. It is what you were brought here to do. 

Ok….rant over.  Please, tell me what you are doing to make this world a better place.

From my heart to yours,  Diane




6 thoughts on “What are you doing….?

  1. I feel you! People need to send good vibes to the universe so that the universe can do the same. And it is not happening right now. There is so much hate in the world. So much!! But then there is love too, right? I believe that every life is born to love. As crazy as this belief system is, it helps me to send positive vibes around me. To make the world a better place, I am trying to make myself better. And in a month, I’ll be volunteering and helping people in a rural village. Spreading all the love I can. 🙂


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