Open Your Heart!


Several weeks ago, in the middle of the night, my eyes flew open and I spoke the words, “Open your heart!” It didn’t take my breath away, it didn’t frighten me. I spoke the words and then gently closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Open your heart!

The prayer I say daily, many times a day (and for many years) is this: “I open my heart to your sacred presence Sweet Spirit and trust in your enduring love. With love all things are possible.”

When my mid-night awakening occurred I was surprised as I recalled it the following morning. I thought I had already been doing this. I thought this was the lesson I had learned in the months following my heart surgeries. What am I missing that would awaken me so forcefully to the phrase that has been a part of my prayer for years?

It is a reminder that God is always here. Whether I recognize or acknowledge that love, it is always, always there. Spirit does not judge that I have stepped outside on my own and found myself stumbling. With an open heart, I am welcomed back – every time. Spirit asks only one thing of me.

Open your heart!

I stumble and return to that Source that lives within me where forgiveness is not necessary. That sacred place where the heart of Love is wide open and ready to receive me. I am accepted here. I am loved here. I am cared for here and, yes, I survive here. Always and in all ways. The only thing that is asked is that I treat you like this as well.

With my heart wide open.

On a daily basis, I step out of alignment – we all do.  A rushed word here, a tightness of breath, an overwhelmed response, a strong stance of opinion. If it happens enough, I feel beat up and alone.  Every day my human self forgets. Let the wallowing begin! And then….I remember…

In the midst of human disagreement I will keep my heart open. My words may stumble, my expression may be human but my heart will remain open to the knowledge that love is here. In this moment. Over time, my words and my expressions will begin to emulate that love because I am beginning to live my prayer. I now understand that the same is true for you. We are all living in the heart of God and learning how to open it wide!

Open your heart and let us love deeply together, as One.

I open my heart to your sacred presence, Sweet Spirit, and trust in your enduring love. With love all things are possible.

From my heart to yours, Diane



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