Keep Walking


photo courtesy of Pixabay

A dear friend emailed me last evening. She forwarded me an article from The Daily Word that asked the question, “What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?” It’s a question I’ve often heard asked, and, with so many people struggling with the way of the world today, a timely one.

A friend of mine, Ryan Almario (along with Wil Hodge), wrote a song a while back called Just Hold On. It’s a song about bullying (and one that just brought tears to my eyes as I listened again). I often go back to that phrase when I see the “younger mes” in my life up against very painful obstacles. So, Ryan, forgive me for stealing your “thought” for this writing.

Life will get better if you just hold on.

The Daily Word article was thought-filled and nice, but, honestly, life is often not that. Nice. It’s messy and unfair and tear-provoking, fist pounding and just plain ugly. And it feels as if you will never be able to take another step.

But you can and you will. To the younger me I say, keep walking. Keep moving because each step that you take brings you farther away from that which brings you to despair. Keep walking because each step you take brings a hand to hold, a shoulder to support you as you slowly begin to stand on your own. Keep walking and begin to hear the gentle sounds of encouragement. The words “I’m here.” “You’ve got this.” “I won’t let you fall.”

Life will get better if you just hold on.

Every experience in life is a lesson in love. For every time we are shrouded in darkness we simply need to remember there is light out there somewhere. It comes in many forms – hands, shoulders, gentle words. Each of us has a role to play and we are constantly switching those roles. Today I need you to hold me and tomorrow I will do the same for you.

To the younger me? This life is filled with love. In our darkest hours, it is love that shines brightest. Just hold on and keep walking – it’s there. I promise.

To the younger me? You will get through this. I promise. And I promise that I am here with my arms wide open.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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