Stay the Course

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I am living this life as an observer, a student, a sponge.  What you experience, I want to feel.  What you think, I want to know.  What you see, I want to understand.

Yes, as Ram Dass tells us and my friend, Lester, reminds me, we are all walking each other home.  While we walk, let’s embrace the wonder of each other.  You are so different from me!  I want so much to “learn” you.  It is through these observations and these conversations that our experiences are enriched beyond measure.  It is in the midst of the lessons we share with each other that all judgement disappears. The only thing that matters is the connection of our hearts.


When I was in my late teens friends and I would often go to concerts.  We saw many of the greats of that time. For us, however, the most fun was arriving early so that we could observe people as they got there.  We would sit back and describe the lives of strangers. We would make up their life stories just based on how they were acting, talking, reacting to the goings on around them.  We created our own little soap opera in the hour or so before the music began.  I often wondered how close to the truth we got with our observations.

It’s much the same now.  Every one of us emits a story.  You’ve felt it.  You walk into a room and it feels like the energy has been sucked out.  You look around and someone is definitely in a funk. It affects everything and everyone and you want to turn around and leave. Or you see someone on the other side of the street and just the way they are walking brings a smile to your face.  You’d like to dash across the street and walk beside them just so you could experience what is making them so joyful.

You are connected to a source that weaves its way in and through all of us and it is this source that brings joy to life. The recognition, observation and understanding of this one source opens you up to infinite possibility.  Knowing that we have this in common is, well, simply mind blowing when it’s first realized.  It’s truly life changing and you know that you will never go back to the “way you were” – that place where you doubted the validity of just about everything.  Yes, you will drift off this new path again and again – often frightened and confused about how to get back.   In time, you will begin to see that it takes less effort because there are more and more people walking it with you. Ideas will be shared and lessons taught and learned. You will realize this is the life you are attracting.  This life will have more meaning and you’ll know that you are not alone – ever.  Those that are not with you, the ones that still emit an energy of despair, will want what you have.  You are planting seeds of hope that will blossom in God’s time.  Stay the course.

Different paths intersect along the way. All paths connected to one source. Heart to heart, mind to mind. We are each others’ teachers. We are each others’ students.


Connected in love.

From my heart to yours, Diane

photo courtesy of  Nancy Rohrig


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