I Need This

I’m putting my toe back in the water. I have missed being here but I have needed this time. I’ve taken a few days off work as well, although, I admit – I haven’t stayed away completely. Nicole, one of my coworkers, actually told me I suck at this “going quiet” thing. 😊 She’s partially right….

I have spent more time in meditation than usual. Trying to find peace in a world of chaos. Trying to understand my place here. Trying to figure out how to continue to do what I love to do and not be influenced by that chaos.

Quiet. As I allow myself to settle into the silence, questions are asked of me.
Why must you change who you are because of what you perceive is going on around you?
If you believe that there really is chaos (do you?), will staying true to who you are make that chaos worse? Or do you think you are supposed to find a way to eradicate it?
Do you believe that people would prefer that you use this space to engage in the debate?

Quiet and the answers come.

This space, this little corner of the world – is mine.
Safe. Peaceful. Gentle. I write because it is cathartic. I write because I love to write. I love language. I love finding the “right” word. I love taking a thought that is swirling on the edges of my mind and bringing it to center.
Each morning, I settle into my heart and gently breathe as I focus on the thoughts that I awoke with. I sometimes open my books and (always amazingly) find someone has had the same questions. As I sit in the quiet and begin to bring these whispering fragments together an incredible peace engulfs me. The words begin to flow and my fingers begin to fly across the keyboard. Like a magnet I draw energy from the silence. It always surprises me!
I love this feeling and I will not give this up. In this world that is experiencing a painful rebirth, I will be the calming, yogic breath that brings us back to center. I will be here. Thoughtfully, respectfully and, always, peacefully. I need this. I think the world needs this.
Stop by and visit from time to time. I’ll be right here. And, yeah, it’s good to be back.❤️


From my heart to yours, Diane

photo courtesy of Pixabay

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