Going Quiet


I’m struggling with a post this morning knowing that today everything changes. I have, along the way to this day, been as neutral as possible in my writing. Regardless, I think it is obvious how I feel.

That said, I will continue to use this space as a place of peace (with just the occasional “can’t keep quiet any longer” rant). In this world we always have choices and I always desire to choose peace. I find when I cannot bring that choice forward I tend to go quiet until I can.

This is where I am now. I am going quiet for a little bit, but before I go…

I champion the people who are walking tomorrow to bring peace to the chaos – please stand for Peaceful resolutions.

I champion the Obama family as they represent the dignity of the human race – please do not stay away long.

I champion the generation that is choosing to bring about change through the spoken word and actions that unite – please keep your minds clear and your bodies healthy because you are vital to the cause.

I champion those that go to prayer when the world begins to darken – they understand the truth behind the statement that only light can drive out darkness.

I champion the people on this planet that believe that, together, we can make a difference – that a single voice can move people to action. That voice is found within you – at the very deepest core of who you are. The voice that whispers to you beneath the rage of injustice. Your definition of injustice may be different than mine but the voice beyond that definition is the same. The same Source, the same God, the same Truth speaks to each of us.

We just need to listen.

See you in a few days…..

From my heart to yours, Diane

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