Yes, You Stand

Woman, Praying, Believing, God, Person

photo courtesy of Pixabay

I am grateful for every woman in my life.
I watch, I listen and I learn from you.
In the midst of discourse, you do not sit silently.
You do not ramble and rant needlessly.

You stand.

As you do, you speak intelligently and with power.
Yet, always from the deepest place within yourself –
that place where kindness and generosity and love reside.

As you do, you plan for change.
You organize and you share.
As obstacles arise, you seek to understand
and then plow through them with a fierceness that says
“I have a purpose, Do Not Stop Me!”

As you do, you hold me up.
You patiently listen, teach and support those that need supporting
You do so from that deep place within yourself that says
“Hold on now, I’ve got you. Don’t you dare let go.”

You stand, you breathe and you step forward.

You know that you must be the voice of our children.
In the kitchen of your own home, the classroom, the factory, office or our great Capitol – you stand.

And, yes, all from a place deep inside where kindness and generosity and love reside.

And, yes, you bless me every day of my life.
From my heart to each of yours, I say Thank You.


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