It’s okay – be vulnerable


cropped-016f39a3e3c401397497461ea6f4a0d0ce9e8df15b1.jpgI would like to take a moment to say thank you to two ladies who may have no idea the part they have played in my life. I have always loved to write – journals, poetry (I was even my high school “Class Poet” reading one of my poems at graduation – such a hippy child!) But I never committed to it, never felt the need to share it. In 2013 I started a FB “Thought for the day” and I committed to it for a year. But after that, it was, meh, do I feel like it today?

Then I met Karen Drucker. In November 2015 at the UNA Women’s Retreat she asked the question “What makes you vulnerable?” I was foolish (brave?) enough to raise my hand and say “Writing”. From there, Karen pulled out of me a commitment to begin writing every day for at least 5 minutes a day. Because it was a public declaration, ladies would continually ask me over the ensuing months “How’s your writing?” “Are you still writing every day?” Commitment….

Fast forward to the summer of 2016. An invitation from Vanessa Lowry (who I happened to meet while working on the Retreat. She is the lady who provided the coloring sheets!! Such fun!). Vanessa started a FB page called “Art for 30 Days”. The challenge was simply to post your art – in whatever form – for 30 days. The push I needed to actually put stuff out there again. In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t stop after 30 days…

So to both these beautiful women I say Thank You! The journey continues! There are two personal goals I have for 2017 (not resolutions – they just suck): To read more (yes, Karen Trostle, I accept your challenge!) and to write more. Both bring me peace and don’t we all need more of what brings us that?

Happy New Year – now go grab a book and read!

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