Faith First


We all know that it’s important to keep the body maintained if it is to sustain us. As we become more physically stagnant, it becomes increasingly difficult to do what we know the body needs. We slowly, but surely, begin to doubt our ability to change. Set in our ways not being able to see a way out, we give up. It is what it is.

How’s that working for ya?

I recently pulled a book off the shelf: “How to Let God Help You” written by Myrtle Fillmore (co-founder of Unity). Myrtle died in 1931 but her intelligent wisdom guides me today. As often happens when I pull a book from a shelf, I open to a random page and begin to read. Chapter 21, ‘The Healthy Channel’: “There is no reason why the machinery in our body temples should wear out, because the Creator is still on the job, building up and renewing His temples to the extent we permit. When we co-operate by thinking habitually in terms of eternal life, eternal youth, ever-increasing strength, and perfect health, we are renewed moment by moment.”

Sit with that for a minute.

This is a lesson I know, but I don’t believe I’ve learned. When the physical stuff pops up and forces us to pay attention, I believe we immediately go to fear. Fear says that I’m in this alone. If I allow it to stay, it takes over. Very quickly. Blocking out all reason it’s like the ego. “I’ve got you now and we’re not going anywhere! Nothing and nobody will stop me from keeping you frozen in fear!”

Sigh….happens all the time, doesn’t it? The lesson I need to take to heart and mind is the lesson of faith. As I mentioned in Thoughts on 11/2/16, in the middle of the muck is this little flag being waved. It says, “Hold On! I’ve got you!” If I reach my hand through the fear, grab onto that little flag and pull it closer it gets larger and larger and I get stronger and stronger.  Fear dissipates and faith takes hold. God is in the house and I allow myself to be guided to right-action.

The lesson is to focus on faith first. Faith FIRST.  There is much work to be done and it is with faith that I can move forward.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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