What I Would Have Missed

I wake early every morning. Most mornings I spend in front of my computer, writing, answering/sending emails, getting caught up on work before I leave for work. I make time to work out a little (never enough) and sit in meditation (never enough).

Today started out no differently.  I was writing, sending emails and just deciding to log into work as I know I have a busy week ahead and need to get some things taken care of.

But I stopped.  I looked outside my kitchen window and decided I needed to walk. And this is what I would have missed had I decided to stay inside:

  • As I opened my front door there were two deer in the grass across the street
  • The house down the street is magically decorated for Halloween
  • Neighbors I haven’t seen in forever were walking their dog.  Our kids are all grown so it was nice to spend a few minutes catching up
  • A squirrel was tossing acorns from the oak down the street.  Could it be he was tossing them at the cat that seemed to be stalking him?
  • The dew was rising creating a blanket of mist over the grass and rooftops
  • The leaves turning to orange
  • The birds…everywhere birds.  Talking, squawking and singing.
That is what I would have missed had I decided to send those last few emails….
Make time to step away from the ordinary and into the extraordinary.
From my heart to yours, Diane

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