Gurus and Cats

Turbo and Lucy – my feline gurus

A little late again this morning but it’s my day off and…

 -my cats woke me at 4 a.m. because they were hungry. (I’m calm about that now, but you should have seen me then…)

-since I was up I decided to clean the fridge

-it was so nice out, I sat outside (after the fridge cleaning) and watched the sun rise – a nice meditation

-I began reading a new book (presales available on Amazon and the author – hopefully – will be coming to UNA soon), “The Heartfulness Way”. More on this in a second.

-I went online to see clips from last night’s CNN special that I missed only to find headline after headline about the child who refused to participate. I’ll say no more on that.

Here it is almost 8 a.m. I think I see a nap in my future today.

In “The Heartfulness Way”, Kamlesh D. Patel (known as Daaji) says this:

“…the only kind of change that I find in myself pertains to whether there is more of me or less of me. Conversely, we can ask the question of whether there is more of God or less of God. You see, the more I am there, the less He is there, and the less of me there is, the more His presence manifests. It now becomes a question of being and non-being.”

Whenever there is more of me I tend to act as I did at 4 a.m. this morning. Lessons learned from gurus and cats.

From my heart to yours, Diane


Missteps Along the Way

sky-3149114_1920I continue to try to live this life from a place of peace. My kids and my husband will tell you that this has meant that I have walked away from drama at times. Other times, try as I might, I’ve been unable to maintain this course of “Buddha-like” behavior and have sent everyone’s world into a tailspin with rants that would make your jaw drop.
This is the journey of trying to live a spiritual life in a human body and I am, forever, trying to figure it out and do better. I have a long way to go – probably lifetimes. 😜
In spiritual conversations, we often talk about taking different paths up the mountain to “enlightenment”. It’s a precarious climb with many ditches, curves and smaller mountains to climb along the way. If you are not careful, one misstep can send you tumbling down the mountainside. How mindful you are (or aren’t) will determine how far you will fall.
Don’t turn around and walk away. Don’t rage at the obstacles before you. Be still. Refocus on the path ahead of you. Breathe in what you have learned, redirect your thoughts to the Source that is breathing you. Know that, by doing so, you will be guided by Spirit and your Soul will begin to dance along the path of opportunity.
From my heart to yours, Diane

I’m Working On It

cropped-img_0267.jpgMy thoughts this morning have been focused around how to remain at peace when so many (too many) things are occurring that are anything but peaceful.

Yes, I know, I write about it all the time. When friends are losing loved ones, friends are struggling with illness, kids are scared, family members are going through difficult times, the country is at odds and the world appears on the verge of…something… well, it’s overwhelming for just about anyone to continuously remain centered.

So I return to my practice of silence and breathe into that. I know that peace is there in that space and it will re-energize me if I allow it.

In order for me to continue the conversation, I need to be at peace.

I’m working on it. I hope you are as well because it is the only way the conversation can continue and the only way the work needed to be done can be accomplished.

From my heart to yours, Diane

…Until the Hate Disappears

love until (2)

The other morning I was putting the finishing touches on an article I’ve been writing for a future issue of Conscious Life Journal. I am grateful for yet another opportunity to share my thoughts. However, this article was challenging as I was asked to write about what we do in our hours of despair. Where is Spirit/God in these times?

When I look around this planet, I, like you, cannot help but feel the anguish. Especially true in the aftermath of the killing that occurred at Parkland High School in Florida. (I will not use “shooting” because that is not what it was.) Prayers, comfort, policy change, mental health support…keep reading the memes and the comments. Only one thing will happen. Two weeks from now we will return to our safe, little corners of the planet and nothing will have changed.

I am a pacifist and that makes me vulnerable to all types of comments and lectures and so I usually keep quiet. I don’t believe putting guns on the street for the mentally ill to grab hold and say “Let me show you what it’s like to be me” serves any purpose other than showing us how serious the situation really is. I don’t think putting armed guards in front of every school in this country will prevent someone from breaking through the barriers if they truly wish to cause harm. That just happened the other day in my home town. Armed guard at the door, child with unloaded gun inside.

Someone wrote a comment in reply to a post about this most recent mass killing that there appears to be a connection between these killings and psychotropic drugs – indicating that this is not an easy situation based on current laws. There appears, actually, to be a stronger link between mass killings and AR-15s. Millions of men and women are on psychotropic drugs and yet only a handful (by comparison) of men are committing these acts.

To make the “situation easier”, let’s try prohibiting the sale of weapons of mass destruction, provide better access to healthcare for the mentally compromised, and teach every child (and adult) the repercussions of bullying and the value of acceptance. If all of that were in place we would not be mourning the fact that more than 400 people (mostly children) have been killed in this country while attending school and more that 150,000 children have been witness to that horrendous fact.

But rant all you want. Lament all you want. These incidents will continue to occur until we recognize that the answer to how we are supposed to live is not found in using violence to cure violence. The answer is found in how we react in the aftermath of these violent attacks. It is found in the outpouring of love, compassion and the need to comfort that we experience. Whether they are natural disasters or man made ones, this is the lesson we keep ignoring. Love until the hate disappears. Until we recognize it, begin to incorporate it into our daily lives, begin to impress it upon our officials and each other, NOTHING will change.

It’s time to change the story. Actually, it’s long past time.

And, in all seriousness, have you not yet seen how violence – in word and action – is destroying what is left of this planet? What role are you playing? When you think it through all the way to the end, what is it that you want? How will you help to bring peace to a planet that has lived from a place of hatred for so long? What are you actually doing besides reading posts like this?  Do you have the courage to truly love until the hate disappears? How many times will I need to talk and write about this until someone listens?

So, I will end this rare rant in prayer:

“God, please think through me, speak through me, act through me.”

I think I’m gonna need to repeat that a bit more often …

From my heart to yours,  Diane

Love Until

love until (2)

Conjure up some love and watch the world around you change.

Dreams and Aspirations


Yesterday, in the mail, I received from my sister-in-law, Minnette (Phil’s wife), my Mother’s autograph book from her 8th grade (1938) graduation. What fun! A lot of “roses are red, violets are blue” entries. 🙂
What really stopped me in my tracks were these two pages. In the letters that my Mom and Dad exchanged during WWII, they would share their artwork. My Dad went on to make art his career as Art Director for several newspapers. My Mom, on the other hand, never pursued her passion for fashion design.
As I was growing up, around the house I would find scraps of paper with fashion sketches on them – in her desk, with the monthly bills, by the phone. I now know that her dream of becoming a Costume Designer started early and never left her. I have often wondered why she didn’t follow her dream. Was it simply because she didn’t have the money for college (as this page points out)? Or, because of the era in which she married, did my Dad’s dream take precedence because of his need to support a family? Or did she think she was not good enough? Did she try and was turned down?
I will never know the answers to these questions. If your parents or grandparents are still with you, spend time with them. Ask them about their dreams and aspirations. Find out what they were passionate about.
Let their lives inspire you to never give up on your dream. I truly wish my Mom had not.

From my heart to yours, Diane

Start Now


Do what you love to do.

Heard that one before? Of course you have. Are you doing it, though? There are certainly things in our lives – many things – that we do because we have to. Its probably why they’re called chores. 😏 Get that stuff done without complaint (complaining makes a chore take longer – ever notice that?) so that you can get to the good stuff.
Love to cook – the cook! Love to read – sit down and read. Love to dance – put on your shoes and go! Love to write – open up that laptop and click on Word. Love to sew, knit, crochet, travel, sing, take photographs, put your hands in the dirt, paint, draw, work out, walk, run, teach, learn, design, speak French, belly laugh, belly dance, have dinner with friends, go to the movies, play on the swings, climb a mountain, ride a horse, ride an elephant, go fishing, walk the beach, walk through the woods ……? Any of these make you smile? Any of these or a long list of other desires make you wish you “could just ” find the time?
My sweet friend, if you are not doing what brings you joy, you are not living this life as it was meant to be lived. If you are waiting for the right time, that time will never come. If you are bewildered on where to begin, begin by making a list.
Do something that brings you pleasure – and the best moment to start is now.
From my heart to yours, Diane

You Are Loved

You are Loved

I was bit late yesterday morning with my writing as I had an early morning appointment. When I settled into my office, I checked my phone to find a voicemail from someone very dear to me. She spoke about my work as a writer/blogger/thought-provoker (that last is mine, not hers 🙂 ) and the difference I have made in her life.

It is a voicemail I will cherish forever. It came at a moment when I needed it (doesn’t it always?) and I simply cried for a moment or two filled with gratitude for the gifts – both in written word and in the people who read them – that I have been blessed with. It is not always easy and I sometimes speak words I shouldn’t (as I did to my sweet, kind daughter last night when I was too tired to have a conversation). Stepping back into alignment with all that is good, changes everything and I remember that my purpose (as is yours) is simply to make a difference. A good, positive difference. A difference that says you are loved.

You are Loved. Remember that – please, whoever is reading this – remember that.

From my heart to yours, Diane



Times, they are a changin’

women's march
Women’s March 2017

Below is my FB post from one year ago. I continue to stay in peace (with an occasional need to rant) and I find myself looking for the quiet more often. It’s there that I find answers.

Nothing much has changed about how I feel except my excitement about the incredible impact that women are now making. Today I celebrate that more women are rising up, standing up, speaking up, stepping up. In recent conversations I have spoken about women in leadership and how we must always show strength – no matter what is being thrown our way and no matter what our life inside or outside the work environment is like. When I think of this I always tend to recall Tom Hanks words, as Jimmy Dugan, in “A League of Their Own” : “There’s no crying in baseball!” 

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I applaud this past year for the contrast it has shown us. It has shown one thing above all the bullshit: We, as women, are strong enough, tough enough, smart enough and, most of all, courageous enough to lead the world and, personally, I believe the right and perfect women are stepping forward to prove it. I believe the horizon looks pretty bright.

I am grateful for that.

From my heart to yours, Diane
Facebook January 20, 2017

Thought for the day: I’m struggling with a post this morning knowing that today everything changes. I have, along the way to this day, been as neutral as possible in my writing. Regardless, I think it is obvious how I feel.

That said, I will continue to use this space as a place of peace (with just the occasional “can’t keep quiet any longer” rant). In this world we always have choices and I always desire to choose peace. I find when I cannot bring that choice forward I tend to go quiet until I can.

This is where I am now. I am going quiet for a little bit, but before I go…

I champion the people who are walking tomorrow to bring peace to the chaos – please stand for Peaceful resolutions.

I champion the Obama family as they represent the dignity of the human race – please do not stay away long.

I champion the generation that is choosing to bring about change through the spoken word and actions that unite – please keep your minds clear and your bodies healthy because you are vital to the cause.

I champion those that go to prayer when the world begins to darken – they understand the truth behind the statement that only light can drive out darkness.

I champion the people on this planet that believe that, together, we can make a difference – that a single voice can move people to action. That voice is found within you – at the very deepest core of who you are. The voice that whispers to you beneath the rage of injustice. Your definition of injustice may be different than mine but the voice beyond that definition is the same. The same Source, the same God, the same Truth speaks to each of us.

We just need to listen.


The Important Stuff

Some mormeditationnings (probably most mornings) I get out of bed with purpose. My list of things to accomplish is already organizing itself in my head (if you’re a Virgo, you understand…). Very methodical, but room for the unknown surprises. It’s really the way my life is.
Some mornings that list is lengthy and I begin to think about what can be eliminated or put off. This morning it was meditation….until I sat down to write.
As always, before writing, I start with one of my many books or podcasts (from the Bible to Kyle Cease) to help center myself. Lately, as you may have read here, it’s been Eva Bell Werber. There is very little known about her (at least that I can find) but she wrote 4 short books between 1936-1950. Lessons in how to live a life from within.  She is able to evoke feelings of peace within me through the words she channels.
Today’s lesson: “Fail Not To Meditate”.
…..Jaw dropped…eyes popped….and back to the cushion I went.
Start with gratitude, start with gratitude, start with gratitude.
From my heart to yours, Diane